Legenda Revontulet

by Wonders Of Nature



1. Talvi Tuli (Remastered) (02:08)
2. Legenda Revontulet (Remastered) (07:16)
3. Twilight Metsässä Yöllä (Remastered) (05:26)
4. The First Beauty (Lustre Cover) (Remastered) (06:05)

A small demo project album. Album in 2017. Well, while you can enjoy the atmosphere of the northern winter, namely the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region more accurately! It is difficult to imagine, and to explain in words what it is in the sense of - not a few months to see the light of day. People who experienced even two weeks of the night, a new day come like shadows, and the first rays of the sun greeted as the greatest holiday. Nature compensates in part the darkness endless night: just at this season of the magnificent northern lights appear on the low northern sky. Murmansk travel companies selling tours for those who want to see it, and enthusiasts learn the forecasts of solar activity and sent to the Kola Peninsula to hunt for glow. And pray that the weather is not capricious threw them a surprise: in these latitudes it is sometimes changed radically in a few hours. Clear skies suddenly tightened clouds, swooped blizzard or impenetrable mist rises. In the north, it is in the order of things.
In winter, the tundra and lakes turn into a solid white space where not distinguish land from water. When the storm swooped down, just the sky merges with the earth, the horizon line is blurred, erased.

r.s. The ancestors of modern Saami (or Lapps) appeared here in II millennium BC And the first Russian settlements - in IX-XI centuries AD The most ancient Russian village - Varzuga and Cola - are mentioned in the chronicles of the XIII century.

Russian quickly colonized the coast of the peninsula, have mastered the sea route and explored the polar seas and difficult Grumant Islands (Spitsbergen) and the New Earth.

Russian not only develop this region, but also to protect the indigenous population from the raids of the Swedish and Danish invaders and English pirates who burned villages, robbing people and the monasteries, killed people.

October 4 (September 21, Old Style) was founded Port Romanov-on-Murman, who in 1917 became a town and the name of Murmansk.

The rate of settlement of the peninsula striking: if in 1930 there were 20 000 inhabitants, is five years in Murmansk - over 100 000.


released June 8, 2016

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